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268 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Ward 14, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City

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Director: Luu Dinh Hiep, Msc.

Founded Decision No. 3029/ Education and Training on 10/20/1994 of Ministry of Education and Training, The DITAGIS is a Science - Technology center that dependent and subject to the management of  HCMC University of Technology, DITAGIS is one of the leading center of the country which is responsible for approaching the new achievements in GIScience, developing GISystems particularly in management, and offering GIServices to meet the high needs at different levels of the industrialization and modernization. In addition, DITAGIS is entrusted with the mission to develop high-qualified professionals in GIS. The center provides training program leading to specialized courses in utilization of GISystems for public or private organizations.



♦ Functions

  • Researching, implementing, developing and applying Information Technology and Geographic Information System to the fields of planning area, protecting and managing resources and environment.
  • Researching, implementing, developing and applying environmental new science and technologies such as: Environmental Technology, Environmental Administration, Environmental Science, New Energy and Renewable Energy.
  • Making trial production of softwares and hardwares from research results.
  • Making and implementing environmental projects; designing, manufacturing, installing and testing building, work and equipments for waste treatment and waste-treating equipments in order to protect environment; consulting, evaluating and assessing environmental impacts according to government regulations.
  • Making the technological and scientific services such as: information, consulting, training and transfering technology  related to the above fields.

♦ Operation fields

  • Training: Organizing short-term GIS courses and training courses of technology transfering in the fields of Environmental and Geographic Information Technology.
  • Services: Making the services of researching, applying, consulting, assessing and evaluating science and technology in the fields of Information Technology, GIS and Environment.
  • Protecting Intellectual Property Rights:  protecting  intellectual property rights for the scientific products researched and invested by DITAGIS Center.
  • Technology transfer: Transfer of technology from research results in the fields of Geographic Information Technology and Environmental technology.
  • International cooperation:

-       Cooperate with other organizations and scientists at home and abroad in the fields of Geographic Information Science, Remote Sensing and Environment,…

-       Receive supports on hardwares and softwares from the leading IT and GIS enterprises in the world to service training, scientific research and technology transfer of Center.

♦ Human Resources

  • Current staff of DITAGIS are 26 people, including 2 Associate Professors, 6 Ph.Ds, 10 Masters and 8 Engineerings.
  • Besides, DITAGIS also have long-term collaboration with leading scientists in the fields of IT, GIS and Environment in Vietnam.

♦ Achievements

  • Have a good staff and modern facilities on a par with other GIS research centers in Southeast Asia.
  • Performed many science topics and projects at home about GIS and Environmental protection, and a number of projects of international cooperation in the field of GIS.
  • Center has partnered with various central and local agencies and organizations at home, as well as building wide and deep collaboration with many international scientific organizations in the fields of Geographic Information Science, Space technology, Information Technology, Environment, ... such as: Environmental Systems Research Institute (USA), University of California - Santa Barbara (USA), University of Kentucky (USA), University of Waterloo (Canada), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology- RMIT (Australia),…
  • Trained GIS through short courses for thousands of people from the provinces and cities nationwide. In addition, Center has been also training GIS for students of many universities and colleges in Ho Chi Minh City such as Universitie of Technology, Natural Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry, Natural Resources and Environment, Technology and Engineering, Architecture, Aviation Academy,…

♦ Development Orientation:

  • Continue to research, develope, implement and apply advanced scientific technologies in the fields of Spatial Information Technology (SIT), Space Technology, Geographic Information System (GIS) and Environment.
  • Promote training activities to improve expertise for individuals, agencies and organizations who have managerial function in the fields of GIS and Environment. Besides, Center also enhance cooperation with other scientific agencies and organizations at home and abroad.


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